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Episode 3: Jessie Humphries Best Selling Author on Writing, Getting Published and How to Have it All


This weeks episode I speak with Jessie Humpries the best selling Author of Killing Ruby Rose and Resisting Ruby Rose. She is currently working on her next book which will be out soon. Jessie and I talk about getting book ideas, finding the right agent and then working with them to sign you. We also talk about what happens after the book debuts and marketing it.


Show Notes:

The idea behind ‘Killing Ruby Rose’ 1:02
How did ‘Killing Ruby Rose’ get published 2:24
How to choose the right agent 5:53
Promoting and Marketing the book 8:10
What are Jessie Humphries next goals 10:00
Would you do it all over again 12:03
How to connect with Jessie Humphries 13:36
Social Media tips 14:10
Self Publishing Advice 15:36


  • Rebecca De Lisle

    Just finished listening to the Podcast with Jessie Humphries and so enjoyed it I appreciated the genuine help she gave for those of us who would like to write.
    Will check out her blog to read more advice and help she gives . Thanks for this great Podcast Joseph, will continue to listen and look forward to more of your guests.

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