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Tara Frost on Fitness and Achieving Goals



On this week’s episode, I talk to Tara Frost personal fitness guru about, her routines, how to stay on track and be realistic with your fitness goals without bingeing.

Tara found a love for the fitness world and industry at the age of 19 years old, after years of struggling with her personal insecurities of her body image, she decided to drive into the world of fitness. Tara explains that we can not be perfect and we must give into our cravings in moderation and on the flip side if you want to have ripped abs, it doesn’t come easy you and must work at it. It takes both mental and physical conditioning to reach your goals and to stay on track. When you’re just getting back into a fitness routine you have to tackle it one step at a time, don’t try to do it all at once. Finding your motivation and doing it for yourself is what it all boils down too.

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Show Notes:

  • 1:30 What is your goal?
  • 6:10 What does your average workout routine look like?
  • 7:10 Becoming a personal trainer
  • 8:40 How to go from zero exercise to getting started without getting burned out
  • 11:30 What does exercise do you for in your life?
  • 13:10 Working alone or in a group
  • 16:16 Recommended core workouts to get Abs
  • 18:36 Foods that you think are good and are actually terrible for you
  • 20:30 What is a healthier alternative to bread?
  • 22:04 Cravings and how to tame them without completely bingeing
  • 25:53 How to contact Tara Frost for training sessions
  • 26:56 Future upcoming projects to add to Tara’s fitness training
  • 28:36 Fixing your past failures and keeping your motivation even when your family and friends want to stay unhealthy
  • 31:40 Why does Tara Frost workout, what is her goal and motivation?
  • 39:48 Tricks to help you stay on track

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