How to Draw an Orca Step-By-Step

Today I am going to teach you how to draw an Orca Whale step by step.

To start draw a shape kind of like an oval but more like a potato. This is going to be the main body of the whale. Next you will want to add the head and the tail area. Do this by adding in a rounded front almost like you didn’t make the first oval large enough. The tail is going to be going to a fin so you will want to do a similar thing but with more of a point.

The whale is swimming so have the tail point down and the head point just a little up. Last of all do a fin on the top. The fin on an Orca is really tall so make it about twice the size you would if you were drawing a shark.

Next we will add in a couple of minor details. First the mouth which is just going to be a line for now. At the end of the mouth add in a circle for where the eye is. The Orca Whale has a large white area that kind of looks like a huge eye but in fact the actual eye is pretty tiny and not in the white area. After this draw two lines for the front fins. These will point downwards, and aren’t too long. In fact they are shorter than the fin on the top of the Orca.

The last part of this step is to add a “T” at the end of the whale. Later we are going to make this the fin but starting with a “T” makes it a bit easier.

So now it’s time to get rid of some lines and make our whale look a little more like a whale. First erase the lines that shouldn’t be there. These will be the original lines around the circle. Connect the entire shape with an outline. On the whale the nose is going to be a little pointed so instead of leaving it as around front add in some points where the lips will be. Also now is a good time to add the mouth. Where the line is add in a mouth with a little gap in the front that goes all the way back to a point at the end of the mouth.

Next add ovals where the fins are on the front of the whale. The back fin that you can only see half of can just be a half fin. The hardest part of this step will be the back fin of the whale. Draw connecting lines from the back of the whale to the ends of the T. Do these connecting lines as curves. Erase the “T” now and extend the tale lines on-to the fin.

Now it’s time to add in more details. The Orca Whale has distinct Dark and Light areas. Draw lines now where the dark and light areas will be. The underside of the mouth and belly are all white on the Whale. At the back of the whale the white area comes up and is shaped kind of like a monster’s mouth swimming sideways. The tail fin is also all white and so just add a curve above the fin.

The next part is behind the dorsal fin at the top of the whale. Right behind it a white area flows down into a point on the whale’s back.

Last of all right above the eye is another white spot that is basically a funky oval. You can get creative with these shapes since all whales are different in their shapes but generally look like this.

Now is my favorite part of drawing which is the part that makes the whale look realistic. Shading! When you are drawing shading can be done multiple ways. Most of the time I shade by making lines tight together over and over like I’m coloring. The direction doesn’t necessarily matter but a good rule of thumb is to go the direction that the shape does. For instance behind the eye and on the body I have the lines curve a little so it makes the whale look round. The fins have a flat straight line since the fins are flat. The nose I add slanted curved lines so it makes the mouth look detailed. Also you might notice I added in a some small points in the mouth for teeth and darkened the inside of the mouth.

I am using a dark pen for this shading. It’s important to have two different pens or pencils for shading so that it looks more realistic. I am going to add in more shading on the next step but with a lighter pen so that it looks realistic.

So this last step is filling in the rest of the dark area on the whale. This is where it is nice to have already outlined the dark and light areas on the whale. To the naked eye it looks like the pen is the same color but if you look at the difference between the fin on the top of the whale and the back of the whale you will see one is more of a grey. This also makes the belly of the whale look darker than the top part of the whale’s body. I added in some spaced out lines on the whale’s chin and fin so that it would fit with the gradient look of the rest on the whale. You don’t have to do this but I like the way it looks.

I hope you had fun drawing this whale! I am going to be including this tutorial in my next book on How to Draw Animals that should be ready in January of 2019.

Please comment below if you have any trouble or questions!

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