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Episode 3: Jessie Humphries Best Selling Author on Writing, Getting Published and How to Have it All

This weeks episode I speak with Jessie Humpries the best selling Author of Killing Ruby Rose and Resisting Ruby Rose. She is currently working on her next book which will be out soon. Jessie and I talk about getting book ideas, finding the right agent and then working with them to sign you. We also […]

How to Negotiate Job Offers with Higher Salary

Whether you are looking for a job or building a business you will need to learn how to negotiate job offers with higher salary. The art of negotiating job offers isn’t extremely difficult but negotiating for higher pay can be. Most potential employees look at their interviewer as the Santa Clause of money who will […]

Episode 2: Working From Home and the Minimalist Lifestyle with Guest Laura Spawn Co-Owner of Virtual Vocations

Laura Spawn is the cofounder of the largest, online job board dedicated exclusively to telecommuting jobs. Founded in 2007 with her brother, Adam, Virtual Vocations has helped over 500k people in their search for legitimate, work from home employment.  The Virtual Vocations team reviews thousands of job listings each day for telecommute options and compiles […]

How to Batch Time Consuming Tasks For Maximum Productivity

What items do you repeat on a daily basis for work day after day? If you added up the most repeated items you do how much time would they take up? According to the Huffington Post 6.3 hours per day are spent checking email. 6.3 hours. Most normal jobs require 8 hours per day so […]

Episode 1: Learning How to Sell Your Product or Service

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Joseph Stevenson Podcast. For those of you who don’t know me I am the author of Wealth after a Recession How I went from 20,000 dollars per year to 1 Million per year in the course of 3 years. The book is just being published now […]