2019 North American Championship

I learned a lot from this race. I felt good the majority of it and only felt fatigued after the swim and during the last three miles when I started to cramp in my calves. Running in Las Vegas definitely prepares me for dry running, but wet humid running is another story and losing the […]

Designing An Aerobic Training Plan

Designing An Aerobic Training Plan If you look online you probably will see a million (no joke) different training plans that will make you stronger, leaner, faster etc. Every individual is at a different place in their training and shouldn’t be creating plans based on what they see elite athletes doing, or what they think […]

Hitting Your First Podium

Hitting Your First Podium I have been wanting to write this post for a while. When I first started racing my goals were set on just finishing. I was out of shape and frankly didn’t have much self confidence at finishing let alone placing in races. As time went on and I continually finished races […]

Finding Your Thresholds

Finding Your Thresholds There are multiple thresholds when doing any aerobic exercise. Understanding what they are for you personally and using them to build a max aerobic base is essential to getting faster, fitter and better at your sport. There are three tests to put yourself through which will help you find not only your […]