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I contribute through blogging, podcasting, plugins, radio shows, guest speaking, consulting and many other outlets. Here I will post any contributions that I publish and I hope you will enjoy and be able to use them.

Helping in Houston

When we found out some of Joseph’s friends in Houston were stranded in their homes, he had to help. See Joseph featured on Fox 5 Vegas here:   On Monday evening Joseph arrived at the nearest working airport, picked up a Jeep and a boat from a friend, and made the drive to Houston.  He […]

What Does the LinkedIn / hiQ Ruling Mean For Web Scrapers?

A few weeks ago, a California federal court issued an injunction that has some serious implications for SEOs of all stripes. If you’re into reading legal text, you can check out the ruling here, but if you prefer the tl;dr version, allow me: Basically, Judge Edward Chen said that once a website like LinkedIn allows […]

Content without SEO is an Empty Promise

  We take on clients all the time who have been throwing their content down the bottomless well that is the Internet. They’re frustrated because they’ve been producing original content consistently, but it’s failing to yield the leads that content marketing articles have told them would emerge if they just followed the “content is king” […]

SEO in Strategic Marketing

Why doesn’t the “S” in SEO stand for “strategy?” I’ve been musing lately that maybe it should. That’s because I often see businesses separating SEO from the rest of their marketing planning and implementation processes. But one without the other will impede your efforts to attract new business. I suppose this is the natural result […]

Podcast Episode 18: Getting 100 on Google Page Speed Insights

This week I go into details of how to get a perfect score on your Google Page Speed Insights and how reverse engineering can help your business in other ways as well. Also my new book is out so go check it out on Amazon!

Getting to 100

Check out this slideshare presentation on how to get a perfect 100 score in Google Page Speed Insights.

Episode 17:

It’s another SEO Radio Hour with Greg and I! This week we talk about some tips and strategies to help your business retain employees, update your Google Business Page and more. Listen through any of the sources below.

New Updates from Google

In the world of Google, there have been a couple of updates in the last month or two that have affected a few clients. These updates are notable for a couple reasons: 1. Instead of a single day update, these updates extended over a week period or longer, with extreme shake-ups in rankings for many […]


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Get a Free Copy

We have another great announcement this week! The second book in the Little Book on Digital Marketing series is coming out this month! I am giving away 100 free copies to business owners or marketers looking to learn SEO. What’s the catch? I’m glad you asked (even if you didn’t). What I ask in return […]