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Final Grade Calculator Overview

Welcome to the final grade calculator. The best online resource for calculating your final or partial grade around finals. Finals are a difficult time for students and our goal is to make it a little easier by providing this free online resource to help you with calculating your grade. If you have issues with the Final Grade Calculator please reach out by contacting us so we can resolve your issue and if necessary adjust the calculator

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What is the Final Grade Calculator?

The Final Grade Calculator is an online grade calculator built to calculate average and mean grades for college finals. It helps as a predictor of sorts to help students know what their final grade will be if tests get at least a certain score. If finals were made up of just one class this calculation would be simple but usually most college students end up with three to four classes and multiple mid-terms and finals.

Additionally most classes are graded differently from each other making it increasingly difficult to measure and grade all finals together for an average semester grade. The Final Grade Calculator helps with this issue by allowing students to enter in current grades for classes and remaining tests to be taken giving a calculation of what a student needs to score for a passing grade or above average grade.

How does the Final Grade Calculator Work?

The Final Grade Calculator takes data entered by you and gives you a result using basic math in a semi complex way. The basic math is illustrated with this equation:

Grade = Exam Worth × Exam Score + (1 – Exam Worth) × Current Grade

To break it down we will use one example:

If you have and english class that you have completed all but the final on and your current grade in the class is a C or 70% then you would enter 70 in the first column. The second column you would enter the desired grade you want at the end of the class which for our example lets say is a 90% so you can get and A. The last column which is very important is the weight your final has so if the teacher says its worth 20% of your final grade enter that in.

Final Grade Calculator

Man Praying He Get’s a Good Grade

The answer if these were your credentials would be that you need 170% on your final to get an A in the class. Probably not probable unless your teacher is going to give you extra credit.

Now if you were lucky enough for your final to be worth 80% of your overall grade you would need a 95% on the grade instead of a 170%. You can use the finals grade calculator to calculate more than one class at a time as well. Usually teachers will give out multiple assignments, quizzes, tests etc throughout the semester. The Final Grade Calculator will actually allow you to calculate all of your course load at once to determine how well you need to do in each one based on where you are now.

Final Grade Calculator Results

The results of the calculator will displayed below where the calculator form sits. The page will reload and depending on your browser or device you may have to scroll to see your results. We have done our best to mark the results properly but make sure to scroll through the page to view your results before getting frustrated and re-calculating.

Final Grade Calculator ResultsFor your convenience we have also included buttons for you to go back with your saved data and adjust your calculation so that if you made a minor mistake you won’t have to re-enter all of your data again. Additionally we have added a button for you to go back with all your data cleared so you can calculate for another class. It is recommended that you enter in a small amount of data at first to test the calculator before entering in your entire class information in case of error.

The biggest complaint we run into is loss of data and requirement for students to re-enter their data so please test the calculator first and then use the go back with data in place button to re-calculate your grade if you have any issues.

Final Grade Calculator Online References

Listed below are online references to calculators and finals helps. If you have additional references please leave them in the comments and we will add them here or approve them through the comments section.

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Final Grade Calculator Fun Stuff

Final Grade Calculator Dope Pranks

Dope Pranks for Finals

What would school be if there wasn’t any fun involved? The Final Grade Calculator can be used for some fun tricks pranks as well. Although you should be careful about who you play them on 🙂 Here are a a few funny antics and pranks that have been done around finals time that we think should make the list. Do you have something funny you think should be added? contact us or just leave the prank in the comments and we’ll get it added. The crazier the better since most of us on this page are stressed right now thinking about our finals so anything that makes us smile could help 🙂

Gandalf You Shall No Pass!
Senior Prank
Pinterest Pranks and Meme’s

Please just make sure you are a good little Final Grade Calculator prankster and don’t get caught. If you do don’t mention us in your interrogation. We will find out. Just kidding but come on, snitches get stitches right? Why chance it with an online page that you don’t know who the author is? Better to just play it safe and take your lickings without ratting us out. Or better yes be actually good at it and don’t get yourself caught.

Final Grade Calculator Errors/Issues

Some common issues with the Final Grade Calculator are incorrect results based on what a user enters. Unfortunately if the result is incorrect based on user entered data there isn’t much we can do on our side. If however you do find any issues related to the Final Grade Calculator please let us know so we can address it in full. Oftentimes the issues are related to mixing up the data and entering in the previous assignment data in the wrong fields or the desired class grade in the wrong fields etc.

If you need further instruction on using the calculator please see our reference above under “How does the Final Grade Calculator Work?” and follow the instructions precisely. If you continue to have issues with your results please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you with a walk-through on how to use the calculator.

Troubleshooting the Final Grade Calculator

Still having trouble using the calculator? We are sorry to hear that! Please go back and re-read the above sections on how to use the calculator. If you are having issues usually it has to do with the data being entered. Make sure you use the following when doing your calculations:

  • Use only whole numbers
  • Don’t use any negative numbers
  • Don’t use decimal points like .70 just 70 for 70%
  • Enter in all data for results, don’t forget any important data

Final Grade Calculator disclaimer

We have to have some kind of legal disclaimer for the people who actually want to blame us for how they did in school. Crazy I know but such is the world we live in. So here goes our attorney’s version of what you are allowed to feel about our page etc:

The information and tools in this website are given AS IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. and its contributors will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the content or the tools in this website. Using this website means that you accept the Terms of Use. These Terms of Use are subject to change at any time.

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