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I specialize in very targeted areas of digital marketing and development. Clients who get the most out of my services are usually businesses with marketing departments that need an outside approach and training for their staff. This doesn't mean smaller companies won't benefit from consulting, but we have seen the best results with teams of 5 or more. If you are in need of consulting please contact me through one of the methods below.



A few of my projects over the years of my career can be found below. I have signed hundreds of non-disclosure agreements with many of my clients so if the information is not listed here I may not be able to divulge more. This list is not comprehensive and will not include all of my projects. Additionally, this list may include sites that have since been updated by myself or outside firms.

Hirschi Masonry is a Las Vegas masonry company that has been involved in many of the major construction builds over the past few decades. When we were contacted it was to give consulting on the current website and help grow the internet presence of the company. We decided after talks to build a new design over the existing website which included a responsive framework and CMS powered by Wordpress. The final website tied the history of the company into a more modern design which is what they were looking for.

After the new website was approved and launched we began focusing on making the company an industry leader online. After formulating a plan and deciding what keywords were important for search results we were able to succesfully target and rank for all major keywords related to masonry work in the Las Vegas area.

The Hilton Garden Inn project was brought to us by a PR firm who was working with the company to launch a new property in the Eastern United States. We were charged with taking designs and creating a website that would generate announcements for the property's grand opening and also gather user data for remarketing campaigns later on. This project came to us on a short deadline and after four long days of work we were able to complete and launch the site with fully functioning applications requested by the client.

The Cannery Resorts operate three different casinos in Las Vegas and in the Eastern United States. After their new website was complete by another firm we were contacted to work with their three different marketing departments under the direction of the Director of Marketing to help grow online presence through SEO and PPC.

The main areas we decided to focus on was SEO and Facebook advertising. What made this project interesting and challenging was the nature of the business and the restrictions online for advertising the gaming industry. After months of planning we executed campaigns focusing on the property's specialties like night clubs, restaurants and movie theaters. Our first social media campaign generated 500k in traffic and over 30k in revenue for the business.

Meisinger is a dental equipment company that specializes in drill bits and diamond heads for dentists. They have hundreds of salespeople who meet daily with dentists to review their products and see what fits best for the practice. Our job was to create an app that the salespeople could download on their phone and display product to the dentist. The main challenge we ran into was that there were hundreds of thousands of variations of the products making a search through the app a slow process. We were able to implement a caching system that would pre-load results based on categories and show results in an almost real-time format. This allowed the salepeople to display multiple products in a quick real time environment for their clients and generate more sales.

Hooters is a national chain with locations in most states. The project we were contracted to work on was the opening of the hotel here in Las Vegas. Much like the Hilton project, we were contracted by a local PR firm to create landing pages and information gathering applications. We were able to take creatives from their marketing department and build out a fully responsive landing page funnel that invited and captured leads from their current customers who were driven to the page from outside marketing efforts.


In order for search engines to know how to list my website I need to focus on a specific area and service. This page is dedicated to Las Vegas Business Consulting. Although I focus on Las Vegas Business Consulting, it doesn't mean that is the only area I focus on. I provide consulting services to businesses through the United States and other regions of the world. My focus is on the Las Vegas Business Consulting market since I am able to much more easily meet with clients, but I have for certain projects been willing to travel and meet regarding consulting projects regardless of location.

If you are interested in Las Vegas Business Consulting please call or text me at (702) 908-2449. You can also reach me through email directly at