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A Quick Note from Joseph:

Hey first off thank you for taking the next step to improve your online marketing. 

I’ve been working to drive customers and sales to my clients for close to 20 years and I know the faith and trust it takes to search for the right fit in your company.

Know that just because you are sending your information to me it doesn’t mean you’ll now be getting emails non-stop selling you things you don’t want. I respect your privacy and will only reach out with information you are requesting.

Next I’ll be doing a full crawl on your business to try and determine if I can help you. If I think I can, I’ll send you a full plan that I think will work.

If I don’t think I can help I’ll let you know exactly why and point you in the direction that I think will help the most.

I’ll talk with you very soon and thank you again for your trust.

Raptor CEO and Chief Strategist

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If you were to have a discussion with Joseph 12 months from today, and you looked back over the past year, what would have had to happen in your life professionally for you to feel happy with your progress?

By submitting this application you understand that this is a substantial investment in your business and you are prepared to commit the time and resources to get the results that are possible. How would you best describe your commitment level right now?

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