What I am up to right now

A look into my favorite things as of this time in my life

So right now my wife and I found out we are having a fourth baby. With 3 1/2 kids I am staying pretty busy between work, family and church. We are getting ready for Christmas in a few days and will be staying home for it. Right now it’s raining in Henderson and I’m at home enjoying this 4 time a year occurrence.

I just finished running my last Spartan Race of the year in Los Angeles. It is a new love of mine that I started about 4 months ago and I’m hooked. Probably not a surprise since I dug up this picture of me as a kid doing my own form of Spartan:
I finished 65th in my age group which I wasn’t happy about but it gives me something to work on.
I am working on expanding my business to other cities this next year with digital page build-outs. I am also registered to run the Beast in Tahoe.

Lastly I am working on learning Spanish. It’s always been a goal of mine so I started using Duolingo and am currently 10% fluent according to the App.