I am incredibly excited to be partnering with Origin Climbing and Fitness. They are a local bouldering and climbing gym in Henderson NV. These guys are amazing! Over 22,600 sq.ft. of indoor rock climbing with bouldering, top ropes, auto-belays, and lead routes to choose from. They also have a Yoga Studio and Weight room.

On top of their facilities being so amazing, their staff are incredibly awesome and operate one of the safest and fun climbing facilities I have ever been in.

Shoot me a message if you are in the area and I would love to take you down with me for a session. I guarantee you will love it! Read below to see how rock climbing has raised my game in the OCR world tremendously.

From Failing to Flying

30 BURPEES! Something every Spartan Racer hates to hear or say to themselves when they fail an obstacle. I’ve been racing Obstacle Courses since 2016 and until recently have consistently failed one or multiple obstacles in a race costing me a victory or decent placement.

I tried multiple training techniques including Plyometrics, Cross-Fit, Body-Weight Training and much more. Regardless of what I tried it seemed like my grip and upper body strength never got to a point where I could go through an obstacle with ease.

Instead every obstacle seemed to always be difficult and at times impossible to finish. After a few years of this nonsense a friend (Ben) asked me to come rock climbing with him. It was at a local gym so I thought I would give it a go in the spirit of adventure.

What I didn’t expect was how quickly I would feel drained and get my butt handed to me. I went home that night feeling incredibly tired in my grip and forearms and for the next 3 days it hurt to do basic things like opening doors etc.

Putting 2 and 2 together I realized my answer to grip training was in rock climbing. Jumping with both feet in I began to train 2 times a week at minimum for 2 hours each session. I would climb until I would fall off walls from exhaustion.

Over time I noticed improvements in my strength and endurance on the walls. Beginning at 5.8 and 5.9 walls I conquered my first 5.10. Then a couple months later a 5.11. Surprisingly a month after that my first 5.12.

My climbing sessions have become increasingly fun and technical requiring multiple moves, grips and strength I didn’t have a year ago.

How did it translate on the course? For the last 5 months I haven’t failed one grip or strength obstacle. In fact I have been flying through obstacles at break neck speed without feeling gassed or tired in the slightest.

Currently rock climbing is the only training I use for grip and obstacles. I do very minimal weight training, but instead focus on functional fitness through rock climbing.

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