Owen Carver on Education, Zappos and Running for Office


On this week’s episode I chat with Owen Carver, about his campaign, work history and ethics and well as life culture and experiences.

Talking to Owen Carver about growing up in small town Iowa, the benefits to small town life verses big city life. Going off to college and exploring different parts of the west coast and pacific northwest, to decide where I wanted to settle. Choosing San Fransisco California as my destination and starting on my journey with Zappos. Experiencing the “Burning Man” festival and it’s believes, lifestyle and ethics. Moving with Zappos to Las Vegas, Nevada to start the growth adventure of a medium sized business with a call center team of 15 to now over 100. Taking Zappos experience as an employee, building the training team and developing a more complex system, to starting to self teach web development. Deciding to go back to college to stud web design and starting my company while in college to work for myself, with ethics, values and mission similar to Zappos. Creating a company that instills a creative, transparent business motto and work ethic for my business and employees.
Now running for State Assembly in Nevada to make a difference in education, state ethics, business and much more. Bringing new business and a more stable approach to our city, to deal with our growing pains, and bettering our city and resources.


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Show Notes:

  • 1:26 Growing up in a small town
  • 8:00 Schooling and College Life
  • 9:00 Going to Work For Zappos
  • 9:30 Burning Man and the Experience
  • 13:00 How did Owen come to Vegas from San Fran
  • 14:00 Zappos in the Beginning
  • 16:47 How Did Zappos Employment Change Your Life or Values?
  • 19:04 Curious about the Bigger Picture of the System
  • 19:42 Expanding the Companies Effectiveness in Different Departments
  • 20:56 Mastering Web Developing and Moving onto Web Design
  • 21:51 Business Expectations of Your Own
  • 23:40 Realizing my Business Goals
  • 25:25 Somethings I Loved About Zappos Work Environment and Work
  • Ethic
  • 28:10 Running for State Assembly
  • 31:11 The Law of Attraction
  • 33:44 What Drove me to Look into the Reality and Make the World a Better
  • Place
  • 34:47 Most Important Issue to be Resolved, First on Your List
  • 41:16 Nevada Education Ranking
  • 42:59 Using Technology Innovation to Better Our Education
  • 43:32 Cutting Web Development Courses in High School Programs
  • 44:00 A Rapidly Growing City and Young City Catching Up with the Growing Pains
  • 47:40 What Qualifies Owen Carver to Run for the State Assembly, What Sets Him Apart and Qualified

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