Phoenix Stadium Spartan Sprint Race 2018. What a Ride!

First off my apologies for the images being out of order. I could re-arrange them but I figure nobody is really going to care. This race was so much fun! I was pretty nervous going into it but once started it felt natural and fun. It was about 4 miles and mostly stairs like most stadium races. I ended up finishing 36th in Elite Mens which to me is great considering with my previous training I couldn’t get close to that. I’m feeling great affects from my new training and can’t wait to improve more!

Sandbag carry:

The finish. I was pushing hard since for some reason I didn’t realize I was at the finish until about 100 meters away which is when I really booked it:

One of the many stair climbs. There were so many I completely lost track of where I was in the stadium which also made it hard to know how or when to push since I didn’t want to burn out but also didn’t want to go too slow:

A close up of the sandbag. The whole race I felt super focused but also had a ton of fun. I was definitely feeling the normal tired but it was fantastic!

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