The Joseph Stevenson Podcast

We started the podcast to get insights from professionals in the Digital Marketing industry. It is my priviledge to talk with some of the best Digital Marketers from around the country to get their take on the subject. For more in-depth answers and resources please check out The Little Book on Digital Marketing Series. If you have a digital marketing questions please submit it through any option on the Contact Page or through Social Media. I will do my best to cover your questions in our monthly "Ask Greg and Joseph" episode.

Episode 11: How to Sell to Spammers

In this episode I mix things up a bit and talk about my new podcast format and my tactics for dealing with spammers. We probably all deal with them from time to time and so I have a trick I use over and over again that seems to work pretty well. Make sure you comment […]

Episode 10: Finding high volume and low difficulty keywords using ahrefs

In this episode I combine some things from chapter 2 and 3 of my book on Keyword Research. If you haven’t yet, go get a copy on Amazon by searching for “keyword research” or “little book on digital marketing”. Finding keywords with high volume and low difficulty should be your first step in determining what […]

Episode 9: Introduction to The Little Book on Digital Marketing (Audible Version)

In this episode I share the Audible version of The Little Book on Digital Marketing. I am really excited that the audible version is out in a couple of weeks and hope that many will find it helpful and educational. In this episode I just share the introduction to the book which is around 7 […]

Episode 8: The SEO Radio Hour with Greg and Joseph May 2017 Edition

In this episode Greg and I are back at it talking about SEO news and answering listener questions. We get an interesting one this week from a user who is having issues with their competitor ranking above them for their own name. Ouch! We have some ideas for them and some tips around content creation.

Episode 7: Kelly Schwarze on Authorship and Producing Creative Content

Today I interview Kelly Schwarze who is the author and producer of Alien Domicile which is out in Amazon right now. Kelly is an extremely talented creative thinker and refers to himself as a creative entrepreneur which I think is fitting. Kelly does a lot of videography as well for businesses and authors and constantly […]

Episode 6: Wesley Tingey from Neonbrand on Social Media Marketing and Keeping Things Fun

In this podcast episode I talk with Wesley Tingey who is the Social Media Expert over at Neonbrand. Wesley has been working there for about 5 years and handles the majority of the social media not only for the Neonbrand firm, but also many of their clients. Wesley and I talk about some of the […]

Episode 5: Owen Carver owner of All in Web Pro and Digital Marketing Expert

I talk with Owen Carver who is a fellow internet guru here in Las Vegas on this episode. Owen has built many many websites for me and my clients and is a great guy to have around if you need a really professionally designed website. I like his work so much, that I added him […]

Episode 4: The SEO Radio Hour with Greg and Joseph April 2017 Edition

In this episode Greg and I goof off a little bit and talk about things going on in the SEO world. We will be doing one of these per month and will include questions from listeners, SEO news from Google, jokes and our tip of the month on best practice SEO. We hope you enjoy […]

Episode 3: Jessie Humphries on Book Marketing and Publishing

It was my privilege to interview Jessie Humphries, the bestselling author of Killing Ruby Rose (available on Amazon). Jessie is a friend of mine and had a lot of success with her book after landing a publisher in her niche. We talk about the book writing process, finding a publisher, keeping with the writing and […]

Episode 2: Laura Spawn on Working from Home and Organic Marketing

In this episode I talk with Laura Spawn who is the CEO of Virtual Vocations. As an important note, Laura is my sister and owns the company with my older brother Adam. Virtual Vocations is an online job board for people looking to work from home. With the constant rise of spam across job boards […]