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Below are partners I have used for my own business for years now. I trust them and highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow. I don’t do everything and oftentimes I get a lot of requests for things like graphic design, print, legal, accounting etc. I use these companies because they have treated me right and done excellent work over and over again.


99 Designs

I use 99designs for my graphic design needs. They have done over ten projects for me at this point and have produced great results. I had one project where the client decided to go a different direction towards the end, and although I thought the design was great 99designs fully refunded what was paid. They have insanely fast customer service turnaround and the work speaks for itself. My own logo was created by a designer at 99designs and if you click the link above you can see some of their work.



I use Teamwork for all of our project management in our company. From blogging to customer support we handle everything through their platform. They have a really nice user interface that allows us to connect our clients directly to the work we are doing on their behalf. On top of the user interface there are a lot of hidden gems like recurring tasks, apis so we can connect through apps and the ability to create tasks through email etc.



I have used Freshbooks for the entire life of my business. They handle all of my billing including my recurring billing, they auto import my expenses and have some of the lowest fees in the industry. They also answer the phone with real people that know how to answer my tough questions. My sign up process on this site is custom coded by me but hooks in nicely to their api so I can auto invoice and bill clients based on services they require. End of year taxes are a cinch too with all the reports that auto generate based on my activity throughout the year.

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