Alright to get the big question out of the way, I placed 18th in the 2019 US National Series. I might be disappointed with not getting a top 10 finish, but I didn’t race all 5 races so any top 20 ranking I should and am ecstatic about!

This year started out with the National Series being something I looked at but wasn’t going to focus on. It is one of two ways to qualify for World Championships in Tahoe and it seemed easier to rank top 10 at any race and then place well at the National Series to qualify instead of traveling to the 5 US National Series Races.

I love racing, but traveling to Florida, Georgia, Seattle, California and then Utah was a lot to handle with my schedule this year.

My wife and I opted for California and Utah hoping it would be enough. My mountain running background I hoped would serve me well on the last two races of the series.

The end of the race in Big Bear… hence the smile… sort of 🙂

Big bear put me in the 90’s overall for the series. Not horrible since we were 4 races into the season LOL. I knew though I would have to place decent in Utah to secure a top 30 spot and get my ticket to the World Championships.

A week later I hit the podium at Phoenix which gave me my ticket to West Virginia. Relaxed now I figured I could have some fun in Utah and not stress over my placement as much.

Utah was basically perfect conditions for the Vegas kid. It was hot, dry and lots of hills. Basically exactly what I train in. The race went great and had I not missed the spear throw it would have been excellent!

My placement put me 18th in the series locking in my ticket to the World Championship.

My sights are set on West Virginia now with a hope for a W or podium at minimum. I’ve trained hard, put in the time and mentally am ready. Now its time to go run some mountains and crush it.

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