Media Mentions this Week August 13th 2016

Thanks to everyone who mentioned me or my work this week! I appreciate your support and your mentions. I haven't put these in any order but I wanted to list and be grateful for the mentions:

Importance of a Reciprocal Social Structure

What is A Reciprocal Social Structure? A Reciprocal Social Structure is often used to define companies or organizations where the leadership, labour and stakeholders all have an interdependent interest in the company. Decisions that are made in the organization affect the stakeholders, employees, chief officers and stockholders. Why is it

Avoiding Time-Eaters and reducing your working hours per day

Time eaters are tasks that happen on a daily basis and are categorized for me as things that are unnecessary to my overall productivity or happiness. Most time eaters are thrust upon me by others usually paying me to work for them. Some might argue that because I am being

Episode 4: DJ Nu-Mark on Creativity, Entering the Music Industry and Using Toys to Make Music

  On this weeks episode I talk with DJ Nu-Mark. Nu began DJing at the age of 13 and has brought innovation and showmanship to the industry. He is an original member of Jurassic 5 the critically acclaimed, gold-selling Hip-Hop outfit. Recently Nu-Mark has been widely recognized for filling his

Episode 3: Jessie Humphries Best Selling Author on Writing, Getting Published and How to Have it All

This weeks episode I speak with Jessie Humpries the best selling Author of Killing Ruby Rose and Resisting Ruby Rose. She is currently working on her next book which will be out soon. Jessie and I talk about getting book ideas, finding the right agent and then working with them

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