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What if I Paid you $1,000,000 for a Piece of Gravel?

I had a thought today while driving. What if 1 piece of gravel was worth $1,000,000. All you had to do was find in a pile of rocks?

I’m sure the first question you have is how many rocks are already in the pile. Well I’ll respond with another question:

Does is Matter?

I’ve started a lot of businesses. Window Cleaning, Coupon Magazines, App and Web, Accounting, Janitorial, Products, Digital Products… I could go on for a while.

I’ve had 2 out of a lot of business make me good money. Only two. The rest either failed miserably or broke even.

I was thinking about the gravel because in my mind the one piece of gravel is worth $1,000,000 right now without anything being done to it.

Now what if I was willing to pay you $100,000 to find the rock for me? Some would say “heck yeah!” while a few others would say “well wait, why don’t I just go find the rock for myself and keep the $1,000,000?” Fair enough but if you haven’t figured out where I’m going with this email here it is:

All businesses are like rocks in a big pile. Some are worthless, some will break even and a few maybe even only 1 in a thousand will be worth $1,000,000. The only question is are you willing to look for that rock? Are you willing to throw away the bad ones or hold onto them as long as possible hoping they turn into something valuable? Most importantly how long will you look through rocks before either giving up or maybe settling for one that is worth only $10,000 or $100,000?

Only you know the answer to these questions. But also only you can decide what type of rock hunter you’ll be.

So my email this week is to just encourage you to keep looking and if you’ve found that rock shine it up and make it worth even more than it was when you discovered it.


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Author: Joseph Stevenson

I’m a brand advisor for 7-8 figure solo-prenuers, entrepreneurs as well as larger public companies. I’m the guy companies come to when they feel stagnant and inauthentic. I’ve been able to help thousands of businesses find their niche, market for customer needs and explode their revenue. I have close to 20 years of experience in online marketing and brand building having worked with companies throughout the US and in some other major countries.