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Ai 3

Step 1

Analysis complete

We have finished our analysis of your company and have included our recommendations below.

We’ve divided our findings into three sections for organizational purposes. If you have any questions on the data please feel free to give us a call at the number provided. 


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Current reach


Market share


Un-captured market

We’ve found additional services and products that your potential customers are searching for but that you aren’t currently capturing. We’ve listed these below along with the current number of customers per month that are looking for them. 

The number of searches are for the Google search engine each month in the target area you chose.


How This Data Helps You

The biggest determiner of search rankings is number of backlinks followed by on-page SEO. Compare your data to your competitors and act accordingly for new backlink acquisitions.

Step 2

Compare to Competition

In the report you should have been able to see what your competition has in terms of # of backlinks. You should be able to decide how many backlinks you’ll need based on simple subtraction of your competitors backlinks to yours.

Our Backlinks are Higher Quality

We don’t like to toot our horn too much, but our backlinks generally have a higher quality to them making them better by about 5 to 1. So if you have a competitor with 500 backlinks, the 100 we can build for you should do the trick.

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Step 3

Purchase Backlinks

Pick from one of the plans below. We’ll complete the backlinks within 7 business days and provide a report for you

*Limit 1 per customer

1 Backlink SPECIAL!

Try before You Invest

Was $20 now $1

1 Web 2.0 Domain
2 Individual Backlinks
Turnaround 5 Business Days

5 Backlinks


3 Web 2.0 Domains
5 Individual Backlinks
Turnaround 5 Business Days

5 web2.0 links
Immediate indexing
Link report
DA 60+

10 Backlinks


5 Web 2.0 Domains
10 Individual Backlinks
Turnaround 5 Business Days

10 web2.0 links
Immediate indexing
Link report
DA 60+

20 Backlinks


10 Web 2.0 Domains
20 Individual Backlinks
Turnaround 5 Business Days

20 web2.0 links
Immediate indexing
Link report
DA 70+1
10 social signals

80 Backlinks


40 Web 2.0 Domains
80 Individual Backlinks
Turnaround 7 Business Days

80 web2.0 links
Immediate indexing
Link report
DA 80+
50 social signals
50 high DA gov & edu

While we use advanced AI technology to create high-quality backlinks, we cannot predict the behavior of search engines or their algorithms, and we therefore cannot guarantee any specific ranking results.

Furthermore, the quality of the backlinks we create may vary depending on various factors such as the niche of your website, the competitiveness of your keywords, and the current state of your website’s backlink profile. While we strive to create high-quality backlinks that comply with best practices and guidelines, we cannot guarantee that they will meet your specific expectations or requirements.

By using our paid backlink service, you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any negative consequences that may result from the use of our backlinks, including but not limited to penalties, de-indexing, or loss of rankings. You also agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any claims, damages, or losses arising from your use of our service.

Disclaimer: Our paid backlink service is provided “as is” and we do not make any guarantees or warranties regarding the effectiveness of our backlinks in improving search engine rankings or driving traffic to your website.

1.75 Billion data points of ai analysis for 99.9% backlink accuracy

Structured permanent link profiles for long lasting search ranking

Tiered support linking structure continuously adding authority to backlinks

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We work with clients that are like family to us. Here are a few we are proud to drive traffic, sales and customers to on a monthly basis:

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